Raw Stone Clear Crystal Earrings Studs Gold - G10

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These beautiful stud earrings are made of raw clear quartz gemstones. They are a great size for everyday wear as well as for dressy occasions.

- This listing is for One (1) pair only. Please select A, B, C, D, E or F.

Material: 24K Gold Plated
Stones: Raw Clear Quartz
Stone Size A: Approximately 10mm x 18mm
Stone Size B: Approximately 8mm x 18mm
Stone Size C: Approximately 10mm x 19mm
Stone Size D: Approximately 12mm x 17mm
Stone Size E: Approximately 10mm x 17mm
Stone Size F: Approximately 11mm x 18mm

- You will receive the same pair you see in the pictures. The stones may not match exactly as these are natural stones.
- Ships in 1-2 business days from NYC. Gift Boxed.

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