Bridesmaid Gift - Moonstone Earrings Gold - White Crystal Drop Earrings - Birthday Gift Women - M5-317

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These dangle earrings made with pear shape moonstone gemstones. These small gemstone earrings are very delicate and beautiful. They are perfect for summer. Moonstone is June birthstone.

- You will receive the stones at random. Please select pierced or clip-on and we will make them to order.

Material: 24K Gold Plated
Ear-wires: 24K Gold Plated
Stone: Moonstone
Stone Size: Approximately 0.375in x 0.375in

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Hope you will enjoy your new earrings!
Love, Lily and Chloe


☞ It's very important to keep your jewelry dry. Never bathe, shower, swim or spray perfume on the jewelry. Do not use hand and body lotions, make-up, hand sanitizers, cleaning products with your jewelry on. Chemical reactions with chlorine, pool and hot tubs, and other elements such as perspiration can lead to tarnishing.

☞ Additionally, apply makeup, hairspray or any type of lotion before putting on your jewelry, as they may contain harsh chemicals that may damage your jewelry over time.

☞ Do not sleep with your jewelry on and do not leave it sitting out after you take it off. Store your clean, dry jewelry in an air-tight container, such as zip-lock bags, as humidity can damage your jewelry.

☞ Do not cook, clean or exercise with your jewelry on. The chemicals released may harm your jewelry.

☞ For extra care, after each wear gently wipe each piece of jewelry clean of make up and skin oils with a soft cloth.