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Love, Lily and Chloe

Amethyst Necklace Silver - Amethyst Heart Necklace - Purple Druzy Pendant

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★ These beautiful boho necklaces are made with heart shaped amethyst druzy gemstones and completed with 925 Sterling Silver chains.

Chain: 925 Sterling Silver
Material: Silver Plated Edges
Stones: Amethyst Druzy
Stone Size: Approximately 1.125in x 1.125in

- As these pendants are made with naturally formed amethyst gemstones colors, patterns and druzy will vary from stone to stone. Natural amethyst comes in various shades of purple from light lavender to dark purple. 

- You will receive a stone at random.

We hope you enjoy your new necklace as we've certainly enjoyed making it! :-)
Love, Lily and Chloe